Making our People Happier

Help to make millions of people happy

At City Expert, our work is directly linked to the happiness of millions of people by improving their experience during their stay in the cities where we work, as it's when we travel that we're more open to being happy. Could there be a better job?

tourist information points

Let’s grow together

At City Expert, you will be working alongside some of the most creative and friendly people in the world, who together create the best team imaginable! We share a positive work environment in which we feel fulfilled by making our colleagues happy, with professional development at the centre of our day-to-day.

Operations and sales
Join our Information and Sales Team which works directly with the Operations and Sales Department in positions such as visitor centre assistant, tourist guide or in Customer Service.
Send us your CV if you would prefer to join our head offices and work in departments such as: IT, Business Intelligence, Finance, People, Marketing  & Communication or Customer Service.