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Horses and Bulls in the Countryside (Medina Sidonia)



Did you know that the history of Cadiz is closely linked to the horse? Enjoy an authentic equestrian show with Álvaro Domecq’s horses at the Alburejos Ranch. Additionally, with this City Expert experience, visit the Torrestrella stockbreeding centre, with Spanish fighting bulls. An unforgettable experience for your trip to Cadiz!

1.3 Hours Duration
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1.3 Hours Duration
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  • From a grandstand in the Andalusian countryside, you will discover what daily life is like on the Alburejos Ranch
  • Begin the visit with a self-guided walk around the ‘dehesa’ pasture
  • Visit the Torrestrella Ranch, with Spanish fighting bulls and also see Álvaro Domecq’s famous horses
  • Recommended for all ages and perfect to enjoy amongst the company of family or friends


  • Glass of fino
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Connect with Mother Earth and the Andalusian countryside, deeply rooted in the Cadiz rancher way of life. With your City Expert ticket, you can see cattle, Spanish fighting bulls and horses in their daily lives. Your City Expert visit will begin with a walk around the ‘dehesa’ pasture. You will be able to see Cadiz in its most natural and virgin state, and also see bull and oxen enclosures, and how they work, from the stands. This City Expert route will show you the best fighting bulls, a herd of cattle, mares with their foals and the ‘cabestros’ or leading oxen, which are used to manage and control the herds of fighting bulls. And, as icing on the cake, enjoy a dressage demonstration.

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  • Meeting time: 11:00